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H3$'D 'DDG *9'DI _ AGJ EF #HB'* 'D'3*,'() CE' ,'! AJ 'D-/J+ (+D'+ E3*,'('* :/9H) 'D5'&E H/9H) 'DE8DHE  H/9H) 'DE3'A1) 1H'G 'D*1E0J Our prayers in this hour are all granted as Prophet said. So We should never waste it by watching TV or preparing food HC'F 'D3DA 'D5'D- D#.1 'DFG'1 #4/ *98JE'K EF #HDG D#FG .'*E) 'DJHE H'DEHAB EF HABG 'DDG D'3*:D'D G0G 'D3'9) AJ /9'! 'DDG ( 2ff f/ f  b TffBffC f $f$M(f(,f, 0f0y4`44b4W8f8+B#style.visibility<*1%(D' =-i6B wedge*<3<*1D| ' =%(D$ ' =%(D-' =4@BBBB%(D' =1:Bvisible*o3>+B#style.visibility<*1A%(D' =-i6B wedge*<3<*1AD-' =4@BBBB%(D' =1:Bvisible*o3>+B#style.visibility<*A%(D' =-i6B wedge*<3<*AD-' =4@BBBB%(D' =1:Bvisible*o3>+B#style.visibility<*%(D' =-i6B wedge*<3<*D-' =4@BBBB%(D' =1:Bvisible*o3>+B#style.visibility<*%(D' =-i6B wedge*<3<*+  0 8 0 p(    0 QPPP $D 0___PPT9@@@@@@ *'D3'9) 'D+'D+) (HB* 'D3-1) Third hour  late night hours  Sahoor time 'D3-1 GH 'DHB* 'D0J JCHF B(JD 'DA,1 B'D *9'DI (H'DE3*:A1JF ('D#3-'1) A'-15 #.J 'D5'&E 9DI G0' 'DHB* 'D+EJF (C+1) 'D/9'! H'D'3*:A'1 -*I J$0F 'DA,1  Its preferred to utilize this hour in Estegfar and praying H.'5) #FF' AJ 4G1 1E6'F ADF3*:D G0G 'D/B'&B 'D1H-'FJ) AJE' JBHJ 5D*F' ('DDG *9'DI. B'D *9'DI -'+'K 9DI ':*F'E G0G 'D3'9'* 'D+EJF) ('D*3(J- H'D*GDJD: (H3(- (-E/ 1(C B(D 7DH9 'D4E3 HB(D :1H(G' HEF "F'! 'DDJD A3(- H#71'A 'DFG'1 D9DC *16I) HB'D *9'DI: (H3(- (-E/ 1(C B(D 7DH9 'D4E3 HB(D :1H(G' HEF 'DDJD A3(-G H#/('1 'D3,H/)\( 2f-ffDf f Mf>fQff f $f$U(f(,f,<8 8"C8G8'Q@8T88 8G8H  0޽h ? 33  ___PPT10 .=~+cD ' 1= @B Dm ' = @BA?%,( < +O%,( < +D' =%(D' =%(D3' =4@BBBB%(D' =1:Bvisible*o3>+B#style.visibility<*%(D' =-o6Bwheel(4)*<3<*D' =%(D' =%(D3' =4@BBBB%(D' =1:Bvisible*o3>+B#style.visibility<*%(D' =-o6Bwheel(4)*<3<*D' =%(D' =%(D3' =4@BBBB%(D' =1:Bvisible*o3>+B#style.visibility<*%(D' =-o6Bwheel(4)*<3<*D' =%(D' =%(D3' =4@BBBB%(D' =1:Bvisible*o3>+B#style.visibility<*\%(D' =-o6Bwheel(4)*<3<*\+  0  (   ^   (rB& Wd1  ?'13DG' HC3( ',1G' send it to your friends and gain AjerArabic Transparent" x` H  0޽h ? 3380___PPT10.>+D' 1= @B D' = @BA?%,( < +O%,( < +D' =%(D' =%(D9' =4@BBBB%(D' =/u8CC*Q3> Br<* D' =%(D' =%(D5' =4@BBBB%(D' =-s6Bwipe(down)*<3<* D' =1:Bhidden*o3>+B#style.visibility<* %(+r,'`+i9Qph/q 1Current User 5՜.+,0    On-screen Showfq  ArialTimes New Roman Wingdings Arial BlackArabic Transparent3best_hours_ramadanSlide 1Slide 2Slide 3Slide 4Slide 5  FontsOh+'0 hp  Slide 1hmanea3best_hours_ramadanhmanea1Microsoft Office PowerPoint@`.@ x@>Gg  %  y--$xx--'---$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$x x ----$ x x ----$ x x ----$ x x ----$ xx ----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$xx----$x x ----$ x!x! ----$!!x"x"!----$""x#x#"----$##x$x$#----$$$x%x%$----$%%x&x&%----$&&x'x'&----$''x(x('----$((x)x)(----$))x*x*)----$**x+x+*----$++x,x,+----$,,x-x-,----$--x.x.-----$..x/x/.----$//x1x1/----$11x2x21----$22x3x32----$33x4x43----$44x7x74----$77x;x;7----$;;x>x>;---'}--$II--'--$ > II> >--'--$((((--'--$''22'--'}--$>II>>--'--$''(2(2'--'--$(33((--'}--$(3 3 ((--'--$(3(3(((--'--$ 3 >>3 3--'--$3>>33--'Arial-. .-.-2 Hw .- .. .-.-2 Gv .- ."System9-Arial-. .-.-2 He.- .. .-.-2 Gd.- .-Arial-. .-.- 2 Hc$.- .. .-.- 2 Gb$.- .-Arial-. .-.-"2 H2 .- .. .-.-"2 G1 .- .-Arial-. .-.-2 H.- .. .-.-2 G.- .-@Arial-. %2 WBEST THREE HOURS IN .. %2 VBEST THREE HOURS IN .-@Arial-. 2 `RAMADAN.. 2 _RAMADAN.- UsedDesign Template Slide Titles_BqMoideenMoideenn