7 disadvantages of Figure Skating

Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. There are advantages and benefits of figure skating but there are some disadvantages to it as well. Scroll down and see what the seven main disadvantages of it are!

  1. Children have to jump and spin all the time in figure skating due to which they have bruises and sprains. At times, children suffer from fractures and dangerous injuries. Therefore, it is tough for parents to let their children get active in it.
  2. Figure skating demands dedication and excessive practice. That’s why it is true that your child’s studies will be affected by the practice sessions and academy time. They would not be able to excel in their studies as you want them to excel.
  3. Many of the children caught different diseases as the temperature of the rink is low. There is cold and icy weather in the rink that can cause fever and cold to them.
  4. Children are always eager to take part in competitions and showcase their talent but it might give them too much stress if they are adolescents as they want to excel and have the desire to achieve success. So, see it as well.
  5. Figure skating is not like cricket. Skates and costumes or clothes for rhythmic gymnastics are expensive to buy. Therefore, ask your children to save some money and contribute with you buy them or you will have a lot of burdens. In this way, they will learn to save and it will increase their passion for it.
  6. You have to help your children a lot if you want them to take figure skating as a profession. You have to motivate and arrange their time table and if they are not ready to take the load then do not push them towards it or they will be tired of living.
  7. Last but not the least, your child would not get time to enjoy his or her life as their school friend can enjoy. They have to go to the rink to learn to spin while their friends might be sitting in the cinema to watch their favourite movie.

So these are the seven main disadvantages of figure skating. Figure skating is not so easy to learn. You have to dedicate five to seven hours every day to practice the steps. Besides, you have to buy costumes and ballet shoes in Dubai or the place you live which make it expensive as well.