Silver lining around the smoke of cigarette

Silver lining around the smoke of cigarette

Yes you read that right. Along with many health issues there are also benefits regarding smoking. Cigarette companies in Dubai produce different tastes of cigarettes from the different kind of tobaccos they purchase from the tobacco companies in UAE. As mentioned previously, a smoker may get the benefits which a non-smoker does not get. Following are some of the benefits which smokers can reap out of their smoking habit:

Knee surgery: There is evidence that smokers are less likely to undergo any kind of joint replacements surgery especially the knee replacement. The reason behind this is nicotine, an element present in the tobacco. This element will keep the joints from weakening and breaking so as a result smokers will be free from joint pain. Also the smokers are less likely to go for morning walk than the non-smokers and many times joint pain comes as a side effect off jogging when overweight people do that.

Parkinson’s: It is a disease of nervous system in which certain nerve cells will be affected and they stop producing their certain secretions. This thing will effects the body movement and sometimes make muscles rigid and sometimes they go out of control. But the good thing of cigarette smoking is that if a person smoke for many years then it will reduce the risk of having Parkinson’s disease in that person.

Weight management: As nicotine keeps you away from the joint pain it is also believed to be an element to lower and overpower your hunger. When you feel less hungry you will likely to eat less and as a result you can manage your weight and keep yourself away from being obese. As obesity is the mother of many diseases so you can keep yourself away from all those disease due to the nicotine in the cigarettes.

Heart attack: Smokers are less likely to suffer from heart attacks but if they do, they will recover better and earlier than the non-smokers. There are several reasons which back this theory but one of them is that when people smoke they will produce some enzymes which will help their medicines to do better and they will have a quick recovery chances after a heart attack. They will more responsive towards the retrieval therapies due to these enzymes.