Importance of Freezone company formation

Importance of Freezone company formation

The biggest problem that young and new entrepreneurs face are the burden of taxes which stops them from experimenting and learning new things. But the bigger problem which was being faced was the parent company. This rule simply stated that not less than 51% of company’s shareholders must be the UAE nationals which freaked a lot of people out.

But for the past few years, Dubai freezone company formation has made the work a lot more easier for them, because these ownerships can now be fully under the foregin company owners which means that there will be no longer involvement of UAE nationals. Other than that, the tax-free zones are also introduced which meant that production, import and export and even reconfiguration would be close to almost free without any custom charges.

Another great benefit of freezone is that they are strategically located in such a position that it helps the traders and compliments their work by being located near the important ports such as national and international airports as well as major seaports. This provides countless benefits to the traders letting their business flourish.

The list of advantages that freezones offer is endless. From 100% foreign ownership to low freight charges, it offers a variety of things. You get a 2+ years resident visa and Abu Dhabi trade license fee is also very low. There are absolutely no restrictions which makes the work a lot more fun and easier meaning that you have less chances of risking your business or maybe higher risking potential to experiment your boundaries and learn new things.

One thing which is highly required for those businesses who are building or manufacturing products is the energy. A lot of energy is found in abundance at freezone which makes it a lot more compatible with businesses of such.

If you are wondering if your business will fit the criteria of acquiring freezone trade license, then stop worrying as there are 6 different kinds of license available and we are pretty sure your business will fit in one of them.

General trading license to commercial license and service license which waves the path for industrial, warehouse and manufacturing license gets it all covered meaning that you will face no difficulties for finding the best fit for you.