Amazing Facts About Colleges

College is the most awaited place which we all wanted to go right after school. The sense of being a senior is always a great experience and because of this we have listed down some amazing facts about colleges of today. First surprisingly and saddening fact is that college is expensive and due to this reason, most students who cannot afford to go to college, get a loan and pay the loan even after many years when the college have ended. Some students who don’t get a loan, do double shifts job to pay the college fee and bare other expenses as well. There are public colleges but the education is not up to the mark.

Graduation requirements are tougher, well, you might have seen many of your friends who dropped out of college because graduating would take them years. That is because the criteria are very high. Let’s say that you are in a college that has a standard that if you scored above 3.5 CGPA, only then you will be graduated and if you get below this point, you will have to do improvements in some subjects that have low marks, and that is frustrating and time taking. Also, in some parts of the world, there are colleges that have limited degrees and they fail the students on purpose just to get the right number of degrees adjusted.

The number of girls who go to college is more than the number of boys. This is because boys want to do jobs at early stage of life and some of them have got lucky while there are many who have to attend college to get a good job. That is why women who graduate from college get a job easily as compared to men. But at the same time, men have more experience in the field as compared to women. There are different factors for each field of job. There was a time when the colleges and schools were simple, they had a decent building and nothing much was there but just a big ground, but now the buildings are fancy and they have hotel-like swimming pools and other areas and that is another reason that the colleges are expensive. But the dorm rooms are still ugly. You can get your children enrolled in any american schools in qatar and click here for info about the top 10 schools.