Things to Do in Al Quoz

When we hear about United Arab Emirates, all we can think about is Dubai. Dubai is the central of businesses and it is the best tourist city in the whole United Arab Emirates. It seems like the whole United Arab Emirates is dependent upon Dubai. It was estimated by the Dubai aviation department that each hour 40,000 people come in Dubai from all over the world and that is why its’ airports are in the list of the most busy airports in the world.

There is everything for everyone in Dubai and you cannot stop to find more about Dubai. People say that if you want to explore Dubai fully, you will have to stay there for two months. But right next to Dubai is an underrated area named Al Quoz. Some people who have not completely explored it, they call it a village. But the fact is that it is more than a village and the best part is that there is so much to do in Al Qouz. Like not as much as Dubai but still if somehow you manage to explore Dubai fully, then you must visit Al Quoz, so, keep reading more to find out about it;

  • Visit the Dubai Antique Museum: If you like small gifts and shiny little things then you must this place. Basically, it is a bazaar and here you will find all sorts of small and big things in cheap prices and you can bargain as well and you can find the best small self storage in Al Quoz.
  • Do the parkour at the Gravity Gym: want to become fit in a funny way! If yes, then this is the place you need to be. Here, you will experience the zero gravity and you can run up the walls and flip in the air and do all sorts of things you can come up with.
  • Watch a drama play at The Junction Dubai: if you are a fan of stage dramas, then this is the place for you. from self made stories of folk lore stories from around the world, they dramatize the best kind of plays.
  • Enjoy the Kinder Crepes at Freez or Ice Lab: if you are craving for sweetness and sugary treats then this the place you need to be. Here, you can eat the best crepes and the best ice cream sandwiches.